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Reimbursable time expenses billed on invoice show as unbilled in new invoice or report

You billed reimbursable time expenses on an invoice but when you create a new invoice or look at the Time cost by customer detail report, the reimbursable time expenses appear as unbilled.

Why this is happening

This can occur when

  • An invoice is created with a Reimbursable Time Expense.
  • A group item is added to that invoice.


  • An item in the group is changed directly on the invoice.

If all of the above are true, then the first billable time item in the Select Billable Time/Cost Expense window becomes unchecked. This item remains on the the invoice, so you may not see the problem or any error messages when you save the invoice.

Note: This is specific to Billable Time only.

When you view the Time Cost by Customer Detail Report, the billable time that was previously added to invoice shows as unbilled.

It will also show in the Billable Time/Cost window in a new invoice.

How to fix it

Enter the group first, then change the item

  1. Enter the Reimb Group (this must be done first).
  2. Change the item name of the item.
  3. Add the Time/Cost.
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4/27/2017 2:09:14 AM
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