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Error 2203 Cannot Open Database File

When installing QuickBooks, the following error message is displayed:
Error 2203: Cannot open database file
Solution Description
  1. Create a new Windows user called Test (see Microsoft Support, if unsure of how to create a new user)
    • Make the user an Administrator
    • No password is necessary
  2. Logoff Windows as the current user
  3. Log in to Windows as Test
  4. Install QuickBooks
  5. Open QuickBooks to be sure it works properly
  6. Logoff Windows as the Test
  7. Log in as your normal user
  8. Open QuickBooks to be sure it works properly
  9. Delete the Test user (see Microsoft Support, if unsure how to delete a user).
Alternate solution for Windows 7 computers receiving the error installing from a download:
  1. Download the Download Manager to the desktop and do not run the install
  2. Right click the download Manager icon and select Run as Administrator
  3. Follow prompts to install QuickBooks
  4. Restart computer and open QuickBooks


KB ID# SLN43326
4/28/2017 8:39:02 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 ed1b84