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Business Planner does not open

When you click to open the Business Planner:

  • Nothing happens and the Business Planner does not open.
  • The Business Planner opens but freezes.
  • QuickBooks Desktop crashes.
How to fix it
  1. Exit and restart QuickBooks Desktop and try to open the Business Planner again.
  2. If the Business Planner still does not open, try it in a a sample file:
    1. In the menu bar, select File and then Close Company.
    2.  In the No Company Open window, select Open a sample file.
    3. Choose any sample company.
    4. Click to open the Business planner.
  3. If the Business Planner does not open, close QuickBooks Desktop and run a repair.
  4. If the Business Planner does open, open your company file and use standard data damage troubleshooting.
  5. If the issue still persists, perform a perform a clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop.


KB ID# SLN43324
4/27/2017 3:29:10 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 232873