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Message: Please enter the file transfer password, when transfer file service was not used

You may be asked to enter a file transfer password when opening an Accountant's Copy Transfer file (.qbx file extension) that was not sent through the Accountant's Copy File Transfer service:
When this file was sent to the Intuit Accountant's Copy File Transfer server, it was encrypted for security. Please enter the file transfer password to decrypt the file.
Why this is happening

You should only see this when opening a file from the Accountant's File Transfer service. However, you may also see the message when:

  • The Accountant's Copy Transfer File is from a later version than the one you are attempting to convert to
  • If the source file is from Enterprise Solutions and you are using Premier Accountant Edition
  • The Accountant's Copy Transfer File is damaged
How to fix it

Note: Before you start, determine what version of QuickBooks Desktop your client is using.

Solution 1: You are using the same version as your client

  1. Ask your client to remove Accountant's Copy restrictions
  2. Send the file again in a different way. Files can  be damaged when sent via email or a USB drive. Sending via multiple methods may ensure a successful transfer

Solution 2: You are using a different version than your client

  • If you have the same version, or a version that is only one year newer, use that to convert and use the file

Solution 3: Minimize the chances of data damage when not using the Transfer Service

3rd party transfer services such as Drop Box, dragging & dropping using Remote Desktop Connection or other "portal" services can truncate or short-length a file. To keep this from occurring send the accountant transfer file to a compressed zip folder before using the transfer services.

  1. Save the QBX file to the desktop or suitable drive location on the original system.
  2. Right-click on the QBX file and Send To>> Compressed Zip Folder.
  3. A folder by the same name as the QBX will be created in the same location, the folder will have a "zipper" icon with the folder.
  4. Send the zipped folder through the method of transfer.
  5. The QBX file will be Extracted from the File menu and saved locally.
  6. Open & Convert the unzipped QBX file
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4/30/2017 1:33:59 PM
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