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You can open this company file only in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

 When trying to open a Company File or Accountant's Copy file you are getting the error "You can open this company file only in QuickBooks Enterprise." or "You cannot open a QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions file using a QuickBooks Non-Enterprise product"



Why is this happening

You are using an Quickbooks product other than QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions to:

  • Open a file that was last opened with or converted to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. QuickBooks Enterprise company files can only be opened with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.
  • Open an Accountant's copy file that was created from QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.  Accountant's Copy files created from Enterprise can only be opened with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.
  • Data Damage
How to fix it

Scenario 1: The file was inadvertently opened with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

  • Use QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions to open the file.
  • If you need to convert the file back to other versions like Premier or Pro, The Intuit Marketplace has a wide variety of third party software that is designed to work with QuickBooks Products. By searching the Marketplace you should be able to find a software that would able to transfer the transactions from the Enterprise file into a new company file created in one of the other QuickBooks Products.

Scenario 2: The file has not been opened or converted to QuickBooks Enterprise

  1. Open the file on another computer
    • Successful: Perform clean install of QuickBooks on the computer that you had issues with.
    • Failed: Restore a recent backup of your company file.
  2. If you cannot open the data file after using Step 1 above, download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor .
  3. If you can open the file after using Step 1 above, use standard data damage trouble shooting.
  4. Create and restore a portable copy .

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4/30/2017 2:02:02 AM
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