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Inventory Valuation Detail report shows zero Quantity on Hand (QOH)

An Inventory Valuation Detail report displays zero in the On Hand column of the report.  Yet, the Inventory Valuation Summary and the Item List show an On Hand quantity.

Why this is happening

Inventory Valuation Detail report is set to a custom date range in which this item has no activity. 

The Inventory Valuation Detail report lists only transactions whose date is within the report period; it does not show a beginning balance, i.e., the sum of transactions from before the report date.

How to fix it

Solution 1: Set the date range of the Inventory Valuation Detail report to All.

Solution 2: Run an Inventory Item Quick Report for this item and for your selected date range.  This report will show the beginning value and the ending value for the item for the selected date range.

  1. Set the From and To dates at the top of the report to set your selected date range.
  2. (Optional) Customize the report to have other items.
    1. Click Customize Report.
    2. Go to the Filters tab and from the Filter list, select Item.
    3. From the Item drop-down, select Multiple Items.
    4. Select the items you want to add to the report then click OK.
  3. Click OK to display the report.
KB ID# SLN43191
4/26/2017 1:02:21 AM
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