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Wachovia Bank is no longer supported in QuickBooks for Mac 2009 and later versions

One of the following situations occurs:

  • Wachovia Bank no longer appears as an option for downloading transactions, or to be added as a new online bank after upgrading to QuickBooks for Mac 2009 or later. In addition, the bank is no longer included in the Financial Institutions list.
  • After successfully using Online banking through Wachovia in QuickBooks for Mac 2009 or later for a period of time, there is a sudden loss of functionality.
Solution Description

According to the following statement:

"Wachovia Bank officially no longer supports any newer versions of online banking for the Mac, be it Quicken or QuickBooks. If you still have 2007, yes, but not the newer versions. They have made this decision to no longer pursue Mac online programming after the beginning of their Fiscal year (April), but not all users may have noticed this until more recently."


Any new transactions from Wachovia Bank must be manually entered into QuickBooks.


According to Wachovia Bank's website, Online banking are still supported for QuickBooks and Quicken, but only in the Windows and Online Edition versions.

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10/16/2017 8:41:56 PM
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