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Open Balance does not match on the Sales by Rep Detail report and the A/R Aging report

The Sales By Rep Detail report and the A/R Aging report both show an open balance column. When you run these reports, the columns do not match.

Solution Description
Important: Comparing these reports can be difficult because they look at different sources for their data.

The Sales By Rep Detail Report:

  1. Shows only target data from customer transactions created with a sales item (e.g., Invoices, Statement Charges, Credit memo, Sales Receipt)
  2. Does not show transactions with a customer name that do not use a sales item, affect A/R. (e.g., Deposit, General Journal, Check. A check to a customer recorded to A/R that is not linked to a credit memo).
  3. Sales Receipts show an open balance even though any other report will show it as paid.
  4. If the Sales By Rep Detail Report has any Sales Receipts, then the open balances will not match on these reports.


The A/R Aging Report:

  1. Will show transactions that have A/R on the transaction.(e.g., Invoices, Statement Charges, Credit memo, Deposit, General Journal, Overpayment in Receive Payments, A check written to the customer with the account selected as A/R.
  2. The report will not show any Sales Receipts because they have already been paid.
  3. If the A/R Aging report shows Deposits, GJE, Overpayments or Checks w/o sales items, the open balances will not match on these reports.
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