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Qbwin.log: LVL_ERROR--Error: Verify Account List Item ###: Invalid parent ###, expected ###

After running data damage troubleshooting, this error still shows in the Qbwin.log (the numbers in the error message may vary):

LVL_ERROR--Error: Verify Account List Item 313: Invalid parent 210, expected 212.

This error means that subaccounts in the Chart of Accounts (COA) are not indexing correctly.

How to fix it

To resolve this issue, first run basic data damage troubleshooting. If basic data damage troubleshooting does not resolve, continue with the following manual resolution steps.

  1. Determine the accounts to troubleshoot and fix by exporting the Chart of Accounts:
    • Export your COA to your desktop.
    • Double-click on the COA file on the desktop and choose Select the program from a list.
    • Choose MS Excel or another spreadsheet program in the Open with window, and click OK.
    • Take note of the names of the accounts on the rows named in the error. In this example, it would be rows 313, 210 and 212.
  2. In QuickBooks open the Chart of Accounts and edit the sub accounts of these accounts, then re-sort the Chart of accounts:
    • In the QuickBooks file, choose Chart of Accounts from the Lists menu.
    • Locate the first account noted from the COA file by the line number noted in the error message.
    • Edit each of the sub accounts of this account. To do this, right-click the sub account and choose Edit.
    • Remove the check mark beside Is a sub account of.
    • Click OK to save the change.
    • Note the names of sub accounts for future reference.
    • From the Chart of Accounts, click Account, then Re-sort List.
    • Edit accounts that were the sub accounts edit and put back.
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