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Profit and Loss report shows income from payments received before the dates of the report

When you run a cash basis profit and loss report, it shows income from payments received prior to the date range on the report. For example,

  1. You received a prepayment for 50% of a job in January.
  2. You invoiced the job in February.
  3. The customer pays the balance in March.

The cash basis P&L shows half of the income in February (date of invoice) and half in March (date of the final payment.)

Solution Description

When a payment date precedes an invoice date, cash basis reporting realizes the income on the invoice date instead of the payment date, as shown in the example above.

Note: If you choose to change an invoice date or a payment date to change how the information displays on your profit and loss report, it could change financial reports from other periods. Consult your financial adviser before making any changes.



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