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Error Message: Error 99937: Connection has been lost

When opening or working with a company file, you get an error message: "Error 99937: Connection has been lost".  This is most likely caused by a damaged folder where your company file is located.
Solution Description
To Resolve this Issue:
The following steps are a bit technical in nature, and may be best performed by an IT person or someone who is comfortable with the steps below...
1.  First, close out of QuickBooks.
2.  Next, wait about one minute, then open up QuickBooks but keep the CTRL key (control) held down as QuickBooks is loading.  This should take you to the No Company Open Screen.
3.  Take note of where the file you were working in is by looking at the image below...
4.  Once you know where your file is at, navigate to that file using Windows Explorer (My Computer).
5.  Once you find the file, right-click on it and choose Copy.
6.  Go to your desktop (Windows key + D on the keyboard), right-click on the desktop, and choose Paste.
7.  This will copy your file to the desktop.  Now try opening that file from the desktop and if it works, then if it works, you have a damaged folder from where you copied the file from.  If the file does not open, then your data file may be damaged; you should restore a prior backup.
8.  If the file opened locally on the desktop, then go back to where you originally copied the file from and make a new folder and copy the file into that to see if that fixes the issue.



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4/27/2017 2:06:01 AM
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