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Bill Payments Displaying in the QuickBooks A/P Aging Report

The QuickBooks A/P Aging Detail report only shows transactions dated on or before the report date. If a bill payment dated before the report date applies to a bill dated after the report date, the payment will show on the report. For example, a payment dated 10/01/12 for a bill dated 12/31/12 will show on an A/P Aging Detail report run on 10/02/12.

Solution description

To remove the bill payments from the report, select the option below that best fits your situation:

If payments were made on bills entered with dates past the bill payment dates: Go to the Dates field in the A/P Aging Detail report window and change the default Today's date to a future date to include the bills. Click the Refresh button.

If the dates on the bills are incorrect: Go to the Enter Bills window (Vendors > Enter Bills) then change the dates on the bills. In the A/P Aging Detail report window, click the Refresh button.

If the dates of the bills are the appropriate dates: You may have broken links between the bill and the bill payment. 

  1. Double click the transaction that appears on the report.
  2. Click the History button and double click the payment that appears in the window.
  3. Set the payment date to 20 years in the future then click Save & Close.
  4. Completely close and reopen QuickBooks. 
  5. Open the transaction and enter the correct date and click Save & Close.
Note:  The Report should not have the transaction displayed. If the bill remains, run a rebuild.
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