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Back up your QuickBooks files using third party programs/services

This article discusses the following:

  • How most third party services manage backing up your files
  • How and where your data files are being backed up
  • How to ensure that your data integrity is checked regularly, allowing for successful backups

Some third party applications include services similar to Dropbox, box.net, and Sugarsync.

Detailed Instructions

Further information and instruction

  • Backup services copy your date files and store them in an online location.
  • Backup services do not create a backup file (.*qbb); they only copy the company file (.*qbw)
  • Limitation: Your data is NOT verified when you back it up using a third party service. Therefore:
    • It is recommended to back up your files regularly to ensure that your data remains complete.
    • You can opt to do Automatic backups. This way, your data can be verified while using your backup service.

How to schedule automatic backups in QuickBooks:

Follow "Schedule automatic backups in QuickBooks" to set up your most suitable backup time.
Note: Make sure that you save backup files to the location where your third party service backs up your file.

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