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Unable to install QuickBooks Desktop on Windows Server 2008

When attempting to install QuickBooks Desktop on MS Windows Server 2008, a Windows Installer information window pops up containing a Version of Windows Installer and a long list of command line options. You have an OK button at the bottom and clicking on that closes Windows Installer window and QuickBooks Desktop does not install. In each situation the same Windows Installer window comes up and clicking on OK closes the window and QuickBooks Desktop does not install.


How to fix it

Run Quickbooks.msi from the command line.

  1. Insert Quickbooks Desktop CD in the drive
  2. Click the Windows icon and choose Computer. On the left pane, look for the CD Drive for the installer (QBPrem20XX is the year. Example: 26 for 2015). Take note of the CD drive Letter.
  3. Close all open windows.
  4. Click the Windows icon and type CMD in the search window. CMD.EXE will show up at the top of the list.
  5. Double click on CMD.EXE and a DOS window will open.
  6. At the command line, enter (Drive Letter):\QBooks\Quickbooks.msi. (Drive letter) is the letter of the CD ROM drive. Example: D:\QBooks\QuickBooks.msi
  7. At this point the installation wizard will run, follow through and install as desired.

You may also try various solutions such as:

  • Running QuickBooks.msi or serversetup.exe fron the CD.
  • Copy the installation files to the hard drive and installing from there.
  • Downloading the installation files from the web and installing.
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