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Process multiple reports window is not opening in QuickBooks Pro

When you are trying to process multiple reports by going to Reports > Process Multiple Reports in QuickBooks Pro, the window below is not opening.
How to fix it
Solution: Delete damaged reports
  1. Choose Reports > Memorized Reports and then select Memorized Report List.
  2. Select the first group (such as, Accountant) and click Display.
    • If the report group displays, proceed to the next group.
    • If the report group does not display, continue to step 3.
  3. Select the first report in the group and click Display.
    • If the report displays, proceed to the next report.
    • If the report does not display, the report is damaged. Delete the memorized report by right-clicking the report and selecting Delete Memorized Report.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each report group. When you're finished, you should be able to use Process Multiple Reports.

Note: If you still need a report you have deleted, you must re-create it and and then memorize it.

If you're using QuickBooks Pro Desktop, and you see one of these reports in the Accountant group:

  • Adjusted Trial Balance
  • Adjusting Journal Entries

If you try to open the General Ledger  or Journal Entries Entered/Modified Today you will receive an error. These reports can only be viewed/opened in the QuickBooks Premier Desktop: Accountant Edition or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

In order for the Process Multiple Reports window to open, you will need to delete the reports in the Accountant group which cannot be opened/viewed  in QuickBooks Pro Desktop.  Once you remove these reports you will be able to process multiple reports.

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