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Error: The instruction at 0x7344453c referenced memory at 0x00000098. The memory could not be written

When trying to print forms in multi-user mode, the following error occurs:

The instruction at "0x7344453c" referenced memory at "0x00000098". The memory could not be "written"
How to fix it
Set up a printer to print to file:

Print the forms to a file
  1. Switch to Single User Mode. Go to the File menu and select Switch to Single-User Mode
  2. Go to File and select Print Forms....
  3. Select a form (e.g. Invoices).
  4. Click Select All or select the individual forms to print to file, and OK.
  5. Select the printer that has been set to Print to File.
  6. Click Print and you will be prompted to choose a filename and location.
  7. Save the file to your desktop. When completed, delete the file.
KB ID# SLN42973
4/27/2017 12:09:02 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS07 9138 Pro 2017 0677c2