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QOH of an inventory part does not calculate after it is used in an Assembly Item

The quantity on hand (QOH) of an inventory part no longer calculates after it has been used in the Bill of Materials of an Inventory Assembly Item.

Why this is happening

One or more of the line items in the Bills of Materials (the list of items that compose the Inventory Assembly) were left blank (not removed) while editing the Inventory Assembly Item.

This causes the Inventory Part following the blank item to stop calculating the quantity on hand.

How to fix it

Correct the problem by removing the blank line from the Bills of Materials, and then reset any Build Assembly Item the problem Inventory Part has been used in.

  1. From the QuickBooks Lists menu, select Item List.
  2. Locate the Assembly Item that contains the Inventory Part having problems.
  3. Double-click on the Inventory Assembly Item to open the Edit Item screen.
  4. Look under the Bill of Materials section and highlight any blank lines that appear before the last item.
  5. Once highlighted, go to Edit > Delete Line (or press Ctrl + Del). Repeat for all blank lines that appear before the last item in the assembly.
  6. Click OK to save and close the window.

Create a report showing all Assembly Items that contain a particular Inventory Part

  1. From the QuickBooks Reports menu, select Inventory > Inventory Valuation Summary.
  2. Double-click on the Inventory Part in question to open the Inventory Valuation Detail for the item.
  3. This report displays all Assembly Items in which this Inventory Part has been used.
  4. Note: This report does not include Assemblies with the status of Pending.
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