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Your reconciliation disappears after you reconcile an account

After performing a reconciliation, QuickBooks shows the transactions as cleared, but does not record a reconciliation. This issue could be caused by a damaged account.

Solution description

You need to create a new account to replace the damaged account, and then merge the damaged account into the new account.

  1. Resort the Chart of Accounts.
  2. Create a new account:
    1. From the Lists menu, select Chart of Accounts.
    2. In the Chart of Accounts, right click anywhere and select New.
    3. Select the Account Type (This should be the same account type as the damaged account) then click Continue.
    4. Give the new account a name. Give the new account the same name as the damaged account, but add an (*) to the end.

    5. Click Save & Close.
  3. Merge the accounts:
    1. In the Chart of Accounts, right-click the damaged account then select Edit.
    2. Rename the account to match the exact name of the new account (if you followed the suggestion in step 2.7, you can simply add an (*) to the end of the name).
    3. Click Save & Close.
    4. Click Yes when you receive the following prompt.

  4. Now that the account has been merged, you may proceed to reconcile the account.
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4/27/2017 3:31:01 PM
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