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Attempting to Open the Website for Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Displays the Wrong Log-In Webpage

While going through the process of activating Online Banking, QuickBooks requests to go to the Financial Institution's website; after clicking the 'Go to My Bank's Web site' button the wrong log-in web page is displayed.
The page QuickBooks links to is the Corporate Log-In; this login page is an obsolete one.
Solution Description
To start the statement download process follow the next steps:
  1. Have your Client pick the correct region (USA, Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands) and the correct language (English or Español). A new page will be displayed.
  2. In this new page, click on the LOG-IN button (CONECTATE button in Spanish). A new page will be displayed.
  3. Type in your Username (Usuario) and your Password (Contraseña).
  4. Download your Bank Statement as indicated in the Online Banking setup process.
For reference about imporitng QBO files please see this article: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/pages/knowledgebasearticle/1007503

If this solution does not resolve the issue, you can read discussions and post messages and questions relating to your issue on the Intuit QuickBooks Community site. You can also review other available QuickBooks support options for additional guidance.


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4/26/2017 4:45:08 AM
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