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A job cost recorded on a journal entry does not show in the Job Actual Cost Detail Report

The Job Actual Cost Detail report is a derivative report of the the Job Profitability Summary report. When you QuickZoom (double click) on the total cost of the Summary report:

  • Either the Customer:Job name does not appear, or, if it does,
  • The journal entry is not listed with the other transactions.
Why is this happening

The job cost is recorded on the first line (Source) of the journal entry.

How to fix it

Job-related expenses normally comprise the targets of a transaction. Edit the general journal entry and change the expense to a Target:

  1. Open the Make General Journal Entries window.
  2. Select the Previous button until you locate the incorrect journal entry. (Alternatively, use the Advanced Find features by selecting Find on the Edit menu.)
  3. Change the order of the entry lines so the Job-related Expense is the second line or at the bottom if there are more than two lines with data entered.
  4. Open the Job Actual Cost Detail report to see the updated information:
    1. Select the Reports menu and then select Jobs, Time and Mileage.
    2. Click on the Job Profitability Summary report.
    3. Double click on a dollar amount for the desired job to display the Job Actual Cost Detail report.
    4. The report should show the Customer:Job and/or the journal entry.
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