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Reports print as a blank page or print with missing characters

When you attempt to print a report, the report prints as a blank page, or the report prints with missing characters.
Why this is happening

Users may experience these symptoms after installing various Microsoft Windows updates, which can cause adverse affects with the user's print drivers.

How to fix it

Determine whether this issue occurs within other programs.

  • If this issue only occurs when printing from QuickBooks Desktop, this may be a sign of damage to the printer settings.
  • If this issue occurs in other programs on the same machine, this may be a sign of damage to the printer driver(s).
To determine whether this issue is due to damaged QuickBooks Desktop printer settings, or a possible printer driver:
  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, open the report that is printing incorrectly.
  2. Click on the Export button, (located at the top of the report window), this will open the Export Report window.
  3. Select the Basic tab.
  4. For Export QuickBooks report to: select a new Excel workbook, and select Export. This will open Microsoft Excel, and generate a worksheet with the report data.
  5. Once the report has been generated, print the report.
  6. If the report still prints a blank page, or prints with characters missing, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver(s). Your printer manufacturer's web site can provide instructions on how to install your printer's driver.
    Note: Ensure you check with the printer manufacturer for more information on installing and uninstalling printer drivers, as some drivers require more detailed steps to remove/install.
  7. If the report does print correctly in Excel, then you have damaged Printer Settings in QuickBooks Desktop. Rename the qbprint.qbp file.
  8. Once this file has been renamed, open QuickBooks Desktop and print report again.  
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