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Class field missing from the check register or Write Checks window

When you open the check register or Write Checks window, the option to include class information is missing.

How to fix it

Checks and Deposits do NOT have source classes. You can add target classes by using the splits button at the bottom left of the check register window:

  1. Ensure that class tracking is enabled
    1. From the Edit menu, select Preferences:
    2. Select the Accounting preference.
    3. Select the Company Preferences tab.
    4. Select the Use class tracking checkbox.
    5. Click OK to close the Preferences.
  2. Open the Register, and click the Splits button in the bottom left corner.

  1. This will add the option to add a Class.

Note: If you open the Write Checks window and the Class field, Restore, or Record buttons are missing, close out of the window and reopen while holding the Shift key.  If this fails to resolve the issue, please check your font DPI settings and screen resolution to ensure they are optimized to display QuickBooks properly.  
  1. If you're not using the recommended Windows default font:
    1. In Windows, switch the display settings to Smaller - 100% (default).
    2. In QuickBooks, go to Banking > Write Checks (and/or Vendors > Enter Bills).
    3. In a blank transaction, under the Items and Expenses tabs, adjust the columns to be very narrow.
    4. Click Save & Close.
    5. Repeat steps (c & d) above for Vendor > Enter Bills if needed.
    6. In Windows, switch the display settings back to Medium - 125%.
    7. In QuickBooks, readjust the check and bill entry form columns as needed.
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