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Message: "ProSeries client files were previously updated with data from this QuickBooks company"

When you close QuickBooks after writing a check, QuickBooks prompts you to update ProSeries tax forms. Each time the following message appears, you must either select a ProSeries client file to update or click the Cancel button:

  • ProSeries client files were previously updated with data from this QuickBooks company.
  • Check the boxes to select the ProSeries client files that you want updated, using the changes made to this QuickBooks company.
  • Changes will be applied when you open the client files in ProSeries.

This message occurs when QuickBooks tries to update the tax information in Pro Series to reflect the transactions that were entered in QuickBooks if the QuickBooks company file is linked to ProSeries tax software.

Solution Description
To resolve this issue, disable the data link between QuickBooks and ProSeries, and then reconnect at a later time using the QuickBooks export feature to transfer your QuickBooks data to ProSeries.
After you export to ProSeries, the data link between the two programs will be reestablished, and QuickBooks will begin prompting you again to update ProSeries with new information each time you exit QuickBooks after writing checks.

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