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Item Receipts appear on Payables reports

Item receipts are included on A/P reports because you are liable for any items received, whether or not a bill was received. They provide a more accurate picture of existing payables and inventory.

Note: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES) users can enable Enhanced Inventory Receiving (EIR) which removes the link between the item receipt and the bill; thus, item receipts should not appear on reports.

Solution Description

To exclude item receipts:

  1. With the A/P Aging Detail Report displayed in QuickBooks, press the Customize Report button.
  2. Select Filters and then Transaction Type from the Add filter drop-down list.
  3. Select Bill.
  4. Click Apply to return to  the filtered report.

Note:: Item Receipts will age by the Item Receipt Date because there is no Due Date listed on the Item Receipt.

To Close/Remove Item Receipts:

  1. Create a bill from the Item Receipt.
    1. Open the Item Receipt.
    2. Select Bill Received.
    3. Select the proper date on the bill that is created.
    4. Click Save & Close.
  2. Delete the Item Receipt
    Note: If you delete the Item Receipt, keep in mind that it affects the Inventory Asset account, so this will change the numbers in that account on the Balance Sheet.
    1. Make a backup of your company file.
    2. Open the Item Receipt.
    3. Go to Edit > Delete Item Receipt.
    4. Click OK when asked to delete this transaction.
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