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Customers showing Outstanding Balances after Converting from QuickBooks Online Edition

After converting from QuickBooks Online Edition to QuickBooks desktop edition, one or more customers show a balance or a higher balance due.
QuickBooks Online Edition supports 7 decimal places (0.1234567) whereas the desktop edition support 5 decimal places (0.12345). When converting, the rate is rounded to conform to 5 decimal places and the amount is recalculated.
Solution Description
Edit the transaction(s) to reflect the correct amount by following the steps below: 
Using the Open Invoices report, determine which customer(s) are affected by rounded values.
  1. From the Report menu, select Customers & Receivables>Open Invoices
  2. Located the Invoice that is showing a balance (that should be paid).
  3. Double-click (QuickZoom) on the Invoice.
  4. Edit the amount on the invoice to the correct amount for the item.
  5. Click Save & Close.
Follow the above steps for each Customer showing a balance after converting from the QuickBooks Online Edition.
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3/28/2017 8:27:15 PM
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