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Troubleshoot dot matrix (continuous feed) printer issues

This is a list of known issues associated with dot matrix printers:

  • Too much paper is fed between checks.
  • The tops of the logo and company name are clipped on checks and invoices.
  • Batch checks move up the same distance on each check.
  • Coarse alignment settles on a line number above where you set it and never adjusts further.
  • On invoices, the right side line and cents column are clipped on invoices, and the cents column is clipped on the voucher portion of voucher checks.
  • Auto-detect incorrectly detects a page-oriented printer when the printer is really a continuous printer.
Why is this happening?

There are three common reasons these issues occur:

  • An older printer driver that is not compatible with your operating system or your printer.
  • Default margins are set incorrectly when using newer drivers or emulated drivers.
  • The Auto-Detect function checks the resolution setting to determine whether a printer is page-oriented or continuous. If the printer driver supports high resolution, Auto-Detect assumes page-oriented and displays incorrect dialogs. Conversely, a low-resolution setting recognizes the printer as continuous feed.
How to fix it.

To resolve this issue, select the option below that best fits your situation:

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