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Error "The file name you entered is too long or is not a valid file name" when clicking "Add Image" in the QuickBooks Layout Designer.

When accessing the QuickBooks Layout Designer and selecting "Add Image" you immediately receive the message:
The file name you entered is too long or is not a valid file name.
Why is this happening

Here are the possible reasons why you encounter this issue

  • The QuickBooks Company File (.QBW) is being accessed on a flash drive.
  • The QuickBooks Data file (.QBW) is trying to access an image file from a location that no longer exists.
  • File Damage.


How to fix it

Important: Ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop is up to date before you follow the steps shown below.

Change the location of the company file (.QBW).

  1. Close the error message.
  2. Click Cancel, to leave the Layout Designer.
  3. Now, click Cancel to leave the Basic Customization window.
  4. Copy and paste the QuickBooks file on the desktop.
    1. Open the folder that contains your company file.
    2. Find the file with the extension of .QBW.
    3. Right-click the file then select Copy.
    4. Go to desktop, Right-click on the desktop and then select Paste.
    5. While holding down the control key, open QuickBooks so you are directed to the No Company Open window.
    6. Click Open or restore an existing company. Navigate to the desktop, find the QuickBooks file you copied and open.
  5. Go back to the QuickBooks Layout Designer.
  6. Choose Add from the Menu Bar.
  7. Select Image.

You will now be prompted to locate the image file. Once you receive this message, you may close the company file and move it back to it's original location, using the copy & paste method.


Overwriting a QuickBooks Desktop file is not recommended. You will be prompted that the file already exists in the folder so rename the old file then paste the new QuickBooks file.

To know the location of your QuickBooks Desktop file, access the Product Information window:

  1. Open QuickBooks and log in to your QuickBooks file.
  2. On keyboard, press F2 key (or Ctrl+1). The Product Information window opens.
  3. You will find the location of your file under File Information section.
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