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Rebuild has adjusted quantity on hand for one or more inventory items

When updating the company file to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop, the following message occurs:

Rebuild has adjusted quantity on hand for one or more inventory items. Please view QBWIN.log in the program directory for a list of items affected.

This message can occur if negative (-) values are entered in transactions for the amount or price in each column of invoices, sales receipts, bills, checks, or credit card charges in the company data file prior to updating to a new QuickBooks version.

How to fix it

To resolve this issue, run the Verify Data utility and review the QBWIN.log file to determine that this error has not reoccurred.

  1. Run the Verify Data Utility.
  2. Review the QBWIN.log file for error or diagnostic messages.
  3. If the Verify Data Utility does not detect any problems with your company data, then there were incorrectly entered negative values in the price each/amount field on transactions.
  4. If you see the following message inside the QBWIN.log file, then there are still negative values associated with transactions.
    Verify Targets: This target has a negative cost for inventory item. Bills linked to PO will have to corrected manually.
  5. To resolve the above message in the QBWIN.log file, perform the following steps:
    1. Backup the company file to safe location.
    2. Find the affected transaction(s) referenced inside the QBWIN.log.
    3. Edit each bill by changing the quantity to a negative number and the cost to a positive number. This will maintain the original balance of the bill and adjust the inventory.
    4. If the quantity balance is negative, a bill credit must be entered instead of the bill. Delete the purchase order and bill and enter a credit.
    5. Run the Verify Data utility from step 1 to confirm that your data has been repaired.
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