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Qbwin.log: Verify Master: Invalid Salesperson. Rcrd=(##########). Ref = (#####)

An Accounts Receivable transaction contains a reference to a damaged or missing sales representative (Sales Rep). On sales forms, the Sales Rep is stored by a unique reference number assigned to each Sales Rep.

This reference number is displayed in the Qbwin.log as "REF = XXXX". If the Sales Rep record is damaged or missing, the above error message is written to the Qbwin.log when running the Verify utility.

How to fix it
  1. Back up company file.
  2. If you have not already done so, run rebuild and verify data utilities.
  3. Review the QBWIN.log  to identify names with errors.
  4. Go to Lists > Other Names and edit them as appropriate:
    1. Add Sales Reps to backfill the missing or damaged records:
      1. Select the Lists menu and select Customer & Vendor Profile Lists > Sales Rep List.
      2. Select Sales Rep from the lower left corner, and select New.
      3. Enter 10 new Sales Reps:
        1. Add "test1" in the Sales Rep Name field, and click Tab > QuickAdd > Other Name > OK.
        2. Ensure the Sales Rep Initial field displays "t1" and click Next.
        3. Repeat the above steps until all 10 Sales Reps are created.
    2. Identify correct Sales Reps for affected transactions:
      1. Go to Lists > Other Names.
      2. Click the Reports button and select QuickReport.
      3. In the Dates field, choose All to view associated transactions.
      4. Double-click each transaction, and determine the correct Sales Rep.
        Note: This is the original Sales Rep associated with the transaction.
    3. Edit Other Names to correct Name and type (Employee or Vendor):
      1. Backup your company file before doing the steps below. Do not overwrite your existing backup company file.
      2. Go to Lists > Other Names.
      3. Double-click the testX name to open the Edit Name window.
      4. Enter the correct name in the Name field.
      5. Click Change Type if prompted to close open windows, and click OK.
      6. Select Employee or Vendor, and click OK. This depends on which name type the original Sales Rep was assigned.
      7. Click OK when you see the message, "Changing name type cannot be undone. Do you want to continue?"
      8. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for all the name types that need to be changed to an Employee or Vendor type.
  5. After resolving the names, run rebuild and verify data utilities again. If you see additional error messages, add more Sales Rep names until there are no more data errors.
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3/28/2017 6:54:15 AM
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