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Error: Memorized Transaction named [Name] is invalid and cannot be recorded

The following error occurs with a Memorized Transaction:

Error: Memorized transaction named [name] is invalid and cannot be recorded

The following error occurs with Memorized Group Transactions:

Warning: None of the memorized transactions have been recorded.  


Why this is happening
The transaction was memorized with one of the following conditions:
  • No name was entered on the form (for example, the Customer name on an invoice is incomplete).
  • The memorized transaction is not in balance. It may be damaged or was memorized before sales tax was setup.
  • The memorized transaction was created with no item and the balance is 0.00.
  • The memorized transaction was saved with the To Be Emailed checkbox selected, and the selected Customer:Job does not contain a valid email address in it's profile. 
  • The memorized transaction is missing data in a field that would cause the transaction to fail if entered manually.
How to fix it

Check the name, sales tax options and debits and credits on the transaction to verify the information is correct.

  1. Click on Lists > Memorized Transaction List.
  2. Double-click on the memorized transaction to open the transaction window.
  3. Verify the following:
    1. There is a name on the transaction.
    2. The transaction is in balance and the sales tax is correct.
    3. If the transaction is an invoice or estimate, ensure the box titled To Be Emailed is unchecked.
  4. Test the transaction by clicking Save & Close to validate that the error is resolved and completes successfully.
If the error persists after completing the above steps, delete the transaction that is causing the error and replace it with a newly created memorized transaction. Please refer to this article if you need assistance with the process of memorizing a transaction.



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3/28/2017 10:24:24 PM
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