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Resolve errors when creating accountant's changes/ accountant change file (.qby)

Accountants'icle discuss the errors while creating an Accoutant's Change file (.qby). If you need to see the regular workflow of this feature, please see Accountant’s Copy 101 and QuickBooks Accountant's copy and QuickBooks Mac if you are using QuickBooks for Mac.


Some of the troubleshooting steps described in this article requires you to remove the accountant's copy restriction which is IRREVERSIBLE and will make the current accountant's copy impossible to be imported to the client's file. Make sure to consult your accountant and create a backup copy of your file before you do any of the steps bellow.

This article covers the following errors.

  • Error: Portfile: DBUnload has failed, when creating an Accountant's Copy transfer file
  • Export fails when exporting client changes from the Accountant's Copy
  • The View/Export Changes for Client window shows changes entered in a previous Accountant's Copy
  • Unable to export accountant's changes because View Export Changes for Client is grayed out
  • View/Export Changes to Client review screen is completely blank

For scenarios and errors with multiple solutions, perform the recommendations in the order shown for best results.




In order to use the Accountant's Copy File Transfer (ACFT) service, your version of QuickBooks Desktop must be on the following release (or later):
  • Quickbooks 2016/Enterprise 16, the release should show R5_55.  Anything less than R5 or anything less than _55 will not allow the use of the ACFT service.
  • Quickbooks 2015/Enterprise 15, the release should show R9_66.  Anything less than R9 or anything less than _66 will not allow the use of the ACFT service.
  • Quickbooks 2014/Enterprise 14, the release should show R11_40.  Anything less than R11 or anything less than _40 will not allow the use of the ACFT service.

To check your release, open QuickBooks and hit the F2 key (or Hold Ctrl + 1).

For instructions on updating your QuickBooks release, see Update your installation of QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release


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