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Error (-6000, XX) when updating a QuickBooks company file to a new version

When upgrading a QuickBooks Company File to a new version of QuickBooks over a network connection, you may encounter one of the following error codes. 

  •     Error -6000, -83
  •     Error -6000, -80
  •     Error -6000, -301)
How to fix it

Follow these recommendations to avoid errors opening a file for the first time in a new version of QuickBooks Desktop. 

  • It is always a good idea to make a backup of your Company File before attempting to update it. 
  • Update locally. This means the Company File, *.qbw, will be residing on a local hard drive, such as the C:\ drive, when updated to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Copy the company file to the local workstation:
    1. Copy the file you want to update to your local drive (example, C:\).
    2. Open it in the new version of QuickBooks to update the file.
    3. Copy the file back to its original location on the server. 
    4. You can either overwrite the original file copy, or rename the original and paste the updated copy on the server.

 To update company files on a server:

  1. Some users install the full, new, version of QuickBooks (“One User” or “Full Install”) on their server, instead of the upgrade. 
  2. Open QuickBooks on the server where the Company Files (*.qbw) are stored and open and update each company file one at a time, without moving them to another computer.
  3. Once all the files are updated to the new version of QuickBooks, you can uninstall QuickBooks from the server.

Note: Be sure to install the QuickBooks Database Server Manager separately from the full QuickBooks program.  Install it either before the full QuickBooks program install, or after uninstalling the QuickBooks program.





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