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Company number limitation in excel with combine reports from multiple companies report feature

You may receive the following error when combining reports from multiple companies:

Runtime Error! Abnormal Program Termination. This error can be caused when the maximum number of columns (256) in Excel has been reached. Filter the report so that it is not exceeding that limit.

Microsoft Excel has a maximum of 256 columns. Due to behind-the-scenes Excel processing, the actual number of available columns is slightly less for each of the five reports used for the "Combine Reports from Multiple Companies" financial report.

How to fix it

Assuming that at least one account has four sub-accounts (which is the maximum five-level total), the maximum number of Excel columns and QuickBooks companies for these reports follows:

Note: The first number, 256, represents the total number of columns for all the reports. The second number (10, 6, etc.) represents the columns designated for each report, and the final number (246, 250, etc.) represents the number of companies that can be displayed based on the columns required.

  • Balance Sheet Standard: 256 - 10 = 246
  • Balance Sheet Summary: 256 - 6 = 250
  • Profit & Loss Standard: 256 -10 = 246
  • Statement of Cash Flows: 256 - 7 = 249
  • Trial Balance: (256 - 4) / 2 = 126   (where the first company requires 4 columns and  each additional company requires  2 columns.)

Please remember, these numbers are close approximations.

Processing a large number of companies can cause "out of memory" errors. To reduce performance related issues, Intuit recommends setting up folders, storing the .QBW company files according to size, and selecting the company files from the folders when it's time to run the report. This will also ensure that all of the required company files are selected with no overlapping. Determining how best to set up these files may require some trial and error attempts.

Note: QuickBooks does not differentiate between versions of Excel, so even Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 is limited to 256 columns and 65,536 rows.

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