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Convert from Quicken to QuickBooks brings over partial or no transactions

When converting a Quicken data file to QuickBooks, some or no transaction data is converted.

How to fix it
Intuit recommends more than one solution for this issue. For best result, please follow the steps in order shown below.
Important: Ensure that your QuickBooks is up to date.
This issue occurs when your Quicken file is damaged.
  1. Return to Quicken and open the file that you are attempting to convert
  2. Ensure that Quicken is at the latest release 
    1. Select the Tools > One Step Update
    2. Click Update Now
  3. Perform a super validate on the Quicken file
    1. Press and hold Ctrl+Shift on the keyboard throughout this entire procedure
    2. From the Quicken File menu, choose File Operations, and then choose Validate
    3. Select the file to validate from the Validate Quicken File window
    4. A progress indicator appears, with the message Super validating file
    5. Ctrl+Shift can be released once the super validating begins
  4. Create a copy of the Quicken file (File > File Operations > Copy)
  5. Put the copy of the Quicken file on a local drive
  6. Attempt to convert the copy of the Quicken file to QuickBooks again (File > Utilities > Convert > From Quicken...)


If the steps above did not resolve the issue with converting the Quicken File to QuickBooks: 
  1. Close QuickBooks.
  2. Close Quicken.
  3. Check the Quicken file name for Special Characters (&, -, #). If you have Special Characters in the file name Rename the file without any spaces or special characters. (Ex: Test.qbw)
  4. Open the file in Quicken
  5. Close the Quicken program.
Try to convert the file from within QuickBooks:
  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. From the File, menu, select Utilities > Convert > From Quicken.


 If you converted your Quicken Home & Business data file to QuickBooks, your Estimates are converted into general journal entries in QuickBooks. The estimate information is present, but it does not appear as an estimate. You will need to re-create the journal entries as estimates and delete the journal entry that the conversion created. Visit Accounts Receivable 101 for the steps on how to create an Estimate.

If the conversion still does not work, contact Quicken support for further assistance




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