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Error: Microsoft Word/Microsoft Excel could not be found when using features in QuickBooks Desktop

When you try to use the Write Letters wizard in QuickBooks Desktop, in some cases you may receive the following message:

Microsoft(R) Word could not be found. Microsoft(R) Word [version] or higher is required for QuickBooks to use this feature. Note: if you have Microsoft(R) Word installed try reinstalling it.

If you are trying to send QuickBooks data to a Microsoft(R) Excel spreadsheet, you may receive the message

Microsoft(R) Excel could not be found...

Why this is happening
  • The correct version of Microsoft(R) Word or Microsoft(R) Excel may not be installed on your computer, or the installation may be damaged.
  • Note: Also if your QuickBooks is Hosted in the Cloud your service provider might not have office installed as a remote application
  • This has also been seen using a pre-technical version of Microsoft Excel 2010. Beta version of 2010 Excel will allow you to export report.
To verify version of Excel:
  1. Open Excel.
  2. Click on file > choose help.
  3. Under about Microsoft Excel, if it shows version 14.0.0536 then this is a pre-technical version.
How to fix it

To use the Write Letters wizard or export to Excel in QuickBooks you must have the correct version of the associated Microsoft software installed.

  • If you have QuickBooks Desktop 2014 or higher you must have Microsoft Word 2000 and Microsoft Excel 2000 (or higher) installed on your computer.

To find out what version of Microsoft Word or Excel is currently installed on your computer:

  1. Start Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.
  2. From the product's Help menu, select About Microsoft Word or About Microsoft Excel.
  • If you do not have the correct version of the associated Microsoft software installed, you may need to upgrade or install this software.
  • If you have the correct version of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel installed and you continue to receive this message, you may need to reinstall or repair the associated Microsoft software. Please refer to Microsoft's support Web site for further information.



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