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Trial Balance does not match Previous Reconciliation account balance

When running the Previous Reconciliation report for a past reconcile and selecting the Transactions cleared plus any changes made to those transactions since the reconciliation option, the Register balance as of [date] amount does not match the Balance Sheet report amount or the balance in the bank account register for that date.

Note: Changes to transactions or new transaction entered affecting the bank account that take place before the date of the reconciliation you are reviewing will change the register balance.

Why this is happening
  • The Previous Reconciliation report, by default, is set to all dates whereas the Balance Sheet report is as of a specific date.
  • If transactions were entered in a past period and reconciled and the date of those transactions were changed to a date in the future (beyond the date of the reconcile), the Previous Reconciliation report will show the correct balance including those moved transactions. The Balance Sheet  and Trial Balance reports do not include those future dated transactions.
How to fix it
KB ID# SLN42212
4/27/2017 12:02:22 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 387b8b