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Prior year Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports changed after editing Items

What is happening:

  • Editing items can change transactions dated in previous years.


Why is this happening:

  • Changing the Item Type or the Item Account(s) can cause QuickBooks to change the accounts affected by transactions in current and previous years.

When you change the account associated with an Item, QuickBooks will give you the option of affecting previous transactions or not affecting previous transactions. Select the option not to affect previous transactions.

Note: Changing an item type from Non-Inventory Part to Inventory Part does not pop the option to affect previous transactions. All transactions are affected. Consider creating a new item if you do not want previous transactions affected.

How to fix it
  1. You can lower the probability of this issue occurring if you set a closing date and a closing date password to prevent users from changing previously entered transactions:
    1. Log in to the data file as the QuickBooks Administrator and switch to single user mode.
    2. From the QuickBooks Company menu, choose Set Up Users.
    3. Click the user name in the User List, and then click Edit User.
    4. Click Next through the windows until you reach the Changing or Deleting Transactions window.
    5. Select No for the option: Should this user also have the ability to change or delete transactions that were recorded before the closing date?
    6. Click Finish. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for other users as necessary.

Note:  In Pro and Premier, set users permissions not to be able to change transactions before the closing date.


For Enterprise Users only:

  1. Restrict access to the item list:
    1. From the QuickBooks Company menu, choose Users, and then select Set Up Users & Roles.
    2. Click the Role List tab, select the user's role and then click Edit.
    3. Expand the Lists section and click on Item List.
    4. Select View, Create and Print, but leave Modify and Delete unchecked.
    5. Click OK and then click Close.
    6. This user can view the Item List and create new items, but cannot change existing items.


KB ID# SLN42204
10/24/2016 11:44:02 PM
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