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Job costs are not being reported after entering time sheets for employees

When entering time data into time sheets with a customer/job and service item, there are no job cost or expenses reported on financial or job costing reports after time sheets have been used for payroll.

Why this is happening

When using time sheets to track job costing, a paycheck must be entered and recorded for QuickBooks Desktop to record job cost.  Time sheets are a non-posting transactions that are used to bring time over to a paycheck or for billing time to a customer.

How to fix it

Note: You will need to have a QuickBooks Payroll Subscription or activate manual payroll in QuickBooks and set up Payroll Items in order to create paychecks.  Please refer to www.payroll.intuit.com/support for more information on how to purchase Payroll Subscription or activate manual payroll  and set up these items.

Create paychecks using timesheet data:

  1. Edit employees to use timesheet data on paychecks
    1. Go to Employee Center
    2. Double click on the employee name that is being used on the Timesheet
    3. Select Payroll and Compensation from the Change Tabs drop down
    4. Click the Payroll Info tab on the left side of the Edit Employee window
    5. Select a Payroll Item for the employee under the Earnings section
    6. Select an appropriate Pay Frequency; i.e. Weekly, Bi-Weekly
    7. Check the box labeled "Use time data to create paychecks" located underneath the Earnings section
    8. Click Ok to save changes
    9. Repeat steps for other employees that are used on Timesheets
  2. Edit or Create Timesheets or Time Activity and include the Payroll Item that has been selected in the Earnings section.
  3. Create paychecks for the employees using the appropriate Pay Period End Date that is used in the Timesheet or Time Activity.
    • Click this link for steps on how to create paychecks using Time Sheets/Activities
  4. Run job cost and financial reports to ensure that job costs are now appearing correctly
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