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Error: Unable to start specified database: log file error

When trying to restore a portable file (.QBM) OR restore a backup file, or Open and Convert a QuickBooks Accountants Copy Transfer File (.QBX) you may receive the following error message:

Unable to start specified database: Can't use log file “abmc.log” since it has been used more recently than the database file.
Why this is happening

The portable company file, backup company file or accountant's copy transfer file is stored on a server (or a flash drive) when being restored/converted.

How to fix it

Solution 1: Rename or delete the abmc.log file

Go to the directory you are trying to restore the portable file to, and delete or rename the abmc.log file.

Solution 2: Restore the files to the desktop

  1. Portable Company File
    1. Go to File> Open or Restore Company...
    2. Select Restore a portable file, click Next.
    3. Select the portable file, click Open.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Select your desktop, click Save.
    6. Once restored, copy the file to your server.
  2. Accountant's Copy Transfer File
    1. Copy the Accountant's Copy Transfer File from the server to the desktop.
      • Right-click the file then select Copy.
    2. Go to FileAccountant's Copy>Open & Convert Transfer File.
    3. Click Next until you see Open Accountant's Copy Transfer File.
    4. Select the desktop copy of the Accountant's Copy Transfer File, click Open.
    5. Save the Accountant's Copy Transfer File (.QBA) to the desktop.
    6. Once open and converted, copy the file back to the server.
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3/27/2017 7:26:33 PM
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