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Backup Options will not Save or OK Button does not Work

When scheduling future backups, the back up options will not save information.

Why this is happening

Company file may be damaged.

How to fix it

To resolve this issue create a Portable Company File and Restore it:

  1. Note current file location (F2 on keyboard or Ctrl 1), look at file information: Location.
  2. From the File menu, select Save Copy or Backup.
  3. Click Portable Company File, then Next.
  4. A window will come up requesting a save location.
  5. Choose a location to save the file.
    • Select a location that is easy to recall (like Local Desktop).
  6. A message will pop up saying QuickBooks must close and reopen your company file before creating a portable company file.
  7. Click OK.
  8. You will see a message that QuickBooks has saved a portable file version foe Company name to Location you selected before.
  9. Click OK on message.
  10. Your original company file will open again.
  11. From the File menu, select Open or Restore Company... Then click Restore a portable file, then click Next.
  12. locate the portable file you created in step 4, and select Open.
  13. The next window will give you an option of where to save the restored portable file.
  14. Save file to same location were your original company is located (Step 1).
  15. Select Save.
    • You will see message that file exist, click on option to Replace file.
  16. Your file will be open, you can now set up future back up with no issues
KB ID# SLN42118
3/28/2017 8:25:23 PM
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