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Error: The Selected Path (X) is not on a Local Drive, Please Scan only Local Folders

Error: The selected path (Z:\) is not on a local drive, please scan only local folders (typically in c:, etc.)

The QuickBooks Database Manager is used to scan selected folders and establish the hosting of data file(s) by recording the host IP address in the .ND file. 

Only files that are local to the system that the Database manager is running on can be scanned to establish the hosting. 

Mapped drives, or non-local location can not be scanned, and will yield the above error message.

How to fix it

Make sure that files to be hosted by the server, and scanned by the QuickBooks Database Manager are in a folder on the same computer system as the QuickBooks Database Manager.

If the files are not on the same on the same computer as the QuickBooks Database Manager, copy the files to be hosted by the server to a folder that resides on one of the local drives of that server (such as the c:\ drive).


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3/30/2017 1:33:32 PM
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