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The QuickBooks Database Server Manager Cannot Run

The QuickBooks Database Server Manager Cannot Run, or Error: 2753 trying to open the Database Server Manager.

How to fix it
Note:  When you get this error right after installing only the Database Server Manager (Database Server Only install option) in the QuickBooks installation process, it may mean that the installation had a problem and is damaged.  To fix it in that case, repair your QuickBooks Databse Server installation.

Generally, this message means that the Database Server Manager (DBSM) needs to be setup.  This happens sometimes when the Database Server Manager is installed with the full QuickBooks Desktop application (such as in a One User install).  See below for the steps to follow in such cases. 

To Setup the Database Server Manager:


  1. Open the QuickBooks Desktop program.
  2. Open a file, you can open either sample company file or your own company file.
  3. Once you have your file open, click the upper left File > Utilities > Host multi-user access. The confirmation window opens.
  4. Click Yes to confirm. 
  5. Open the Database Server Manager.
  6. Click the Windows Start Menu > All Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
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4/29/2017 6:20:31 AM
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