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Error: Waiting for company file or Company File in Use Please Wait

QuickBooks may generate one of the following error messages when in multi-user mode:

  • Waiting for company file.
  • Company File in Use-Please Wait.

These messages usually indicate performance issues.

Why this is happening

In a multiuser set up:

  1. If one workstation is accessing the QuickBooks Data Manager on the server, then other users may be temporarily unable to access the Data Manager.
  2. Other workstations accessing the same company file in multi-user mode will be locked out until the process has finished.
  3. QuickBooks pops one of the above messages until the Data Manager is available.

This issue can be caused or increased by:

  1. Computers that are slow or have insufficient amounts of free RAM.
  2. Users running large jobs, such as the Verify Data Utility, or very long reports or e-mailing large numbers of forms.
  3. Your data file is very, very large.


How to fix it

Increase the performance of your QuickBooks with these articles:

  1. Resolve QuickBooks performance issues: Part 1, Overview.
  2. Improve QuickBooks performance on your network.
  3. Resolve QuickBooks performance issues, Part 3, Manage your computers.
  4. Resolve QuickBooks performance issues, Part 4, Manage your data file.



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