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Error: Scanner could not be selected or previous instance of Scan Manager seems to be frozen

When you try to attach a document using the Scan Document feature in QuickBooks Attached Documents, you see one of the following errors: 

Scanner [Scanner name] could not be selected.

Previous instance of QuickBooks Scan Manager seems to be frozen.

Why this is happening

Scan Manager requires a TWAIN-compliant scanner driver.  This issue can occur if you have not set your device to the TWAIN setting.

These errors can also occur if you are attempting to use a device that is not currently available online or connected to your system.

How to fix it

Important: Ensure QuickBooks Desktop is up to date before performing any of the following steps.

Check with the manufacturer of your scanner to verify that your scanner and driver are TWAIN compliant.

If you were able to use your scanner with QuickBooks Attached Documents before and it stopped working after updating the driver for your scanner, you can try reverting to the previous version of the driver.

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4/30/2017 1:52:06 AM
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