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Shipping Manager: Address format incorrect when shipping from QuickBooks

When you choose Shipping Manager from a QuickBooks form, city, state, and zip code information will fill in on the Address line and will not populate the City, State, or Zip fields. Company, Name, and Address may also populate on the line above the correct field.

Why this is happening

If any information in the Customer address details is entered below Zip/Postal Code (Notes or Region,) then Shipping Manager cannot parse the address information correctly. This includes information entered directly in the Ship To field on the form.

How to fix it

Intuit recommends two solutions for this problem. The first solution will solve the problem while creating your sales form, or you may want to use Solution 2 to edit your Customer:Job records to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

Solution 1: Edit the Ship To address on the invoice or sales receipt and remove any information below the last address line.

  1. From the Shipping Manager click Close.
  2. Clear the information below the last address line.
  3. Click the Ship button on the form toolbar and choose FedEx or UPS. Click OK.
  4. When prompted, choose whether you want to save the changes.

The address should now appear correctly in the Shipping Manager window.


Solution 2. Create a default Shipping Address that does not contain information in Notes or Country / Region to use with Shipping Manager.

  1. Close the Shipping Manager.
  2. Click the Ship To drop-down arrow and then click Add New.
  3. In the Address Name field, enter a short name that will help you select this address when filling out a form.
  4. Fill the address fields. Do not enter any information in the Note or Country / Region fields.
  5. Select the Default shipping address checkbox.

When creating an invoice or sales receipt the default Ship To address will be used automatically. You can select any other address by clicking on the Ship to drop-down arrow.

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3/28/2017 4:54:31 AM
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