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Resolve Sync Manager Error Code: 5_xxxx (Batch 1)

5_xxxx errors indicate that Sync Manager was unable to connect to the company file.

You may see one of the following errors when Sync Manager failed to connect to the company file.

  • Error Code 5_3002: The server is currently unavailable. It may be undergoing maintenance. Please try to sync again later.
  • Error Code 5_3003: Sync failed before all the data could be uploaded to Intuit online services. Please click 'Sync Now' to sync again.
  • Error Code 5_3008: Invalid certificate or certificate not trusted.
  • Error Code 5_3009 and 5_3013: An unknown error has been detected while uploading data. This could be due to an internal error on the server.
  • Error Code 5_3010: Unable to upload your data possibly because of a problem with your company file. Please contact Customer Support for assistance.
  • Error Code 5_3011: This company file is no longer synced with your online business profile.
  • Error Code 5_3012: This company file is not synced with your online business profile.
  • Error Code 5_3016: An internal server error was detected: Unable to authenticate the user.
  • Error Code 5_3018 and 5_9357: Unable to sync your data

Find the error code you are getting from the following list and expand to view solutions.

IMPORTANT: Before you perform the specific troubleshooting steps for the error you are getting, you must ensure Sync Manager is up to date.



KB ID# SLN41667
10/26/2016 8:02:54 PM
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