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Resolve Sync Manager Error Code: 4_xxxx

4_xxxx errors indicate that Sync Manager was unable to connect to the company file. The usual syntax of the errors are:

  • Error Code: 4_xxxx: There was an error while connecting to your company file. (Specific error message)
  • Error Code: 4_xxxx: An error occurred while connecting to your company file: (Specific error message)

You may see one of the following errors when Sync Manager fails to connect to your company file:

  • Error Code: 4_2000: Please contact QuickBooks Support for assistance.
  • Error Code: 4_6006: QuickBooks stratums are incompatible.
  • Error Code: 4_6007: The executable engine for the company file cannot be found.
  • Error Code: 4_6010: QuickBooks is in single user mode.
  • Error Code: 4_6069: We don't have access to your company file.
  • Error Code: 4_6154 and 4_6171: Not able to gain access to the specified file or folder.
  • Error Code: 24_2002: Finding a compatible version of QuickBooks failed.
  • Error Code: 24_2003: An error occurred while detecting the version of QuickBooks to load the sync executable.

Find the error code you are getting from the following list and expand to view solutions.

IMPORTANT: Before you perform the specific troubleshooting steps for the error you are getting, you must ensure Sync Manager is up to date.

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