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UPS Control Log doesn't print correct tracking numbers for multiparcel shipments in Shipping Manager

You are using Shipping Manager for multiparcel shipments and the UPS Control Log does not print all the tracking numbers.

Why this is happening

By design, for all multiparcel shipments only the first tracking number (the "master" tracking number) is saved.

This number is sufficient for any tracking or claim needs. However, high-value shipments require a UPS signature on the Control Log for pickup and customer insurance requirements.

Note: The Control Log is what the UPS driver signs at pickup for high-value items instead of the EOD manifest.

How to fix it

Sending the packages separately, one package per invoice, will allow the reference number, tracking information, and declared value to appear on each Control Log. 2 copies of each control log per package will print out.



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4/29/2017 6:16:03 AM
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