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Error: QuickBooks requires that you reboot your computer to complete the installation

After you install QuickBooks Desktop and reboot your computer, you get the one of the following messages:

  • QuickBooks Desktop requires that you Reboot your computer to complete the installation
  • The installer requires a Restart to continue. Click OK to proceed
Why this is happening

QuickBooks Desktop sometimes requires the computer to be restarted in order to complete an installation or program release update.

This is triggered by a registry key that QuickBooks Desktop writes to the Windows registry. In most cases, this registry key is removed once the computer is restarted. There are instances where this registry key is not removed properly. As a result, QuickBooks Desktop continues to prompt you to reboot the computer before opening QuickBooks Desktop.

How to fix it
  1. This issue has been resolved in the latest release for QuickBooks Desktop. Please update your program to the most current release.
  2. If updating does not fix this issue, you will need to log in to Windows as a user with administrative rights:
    1. Click the Windows Start button and select Log Off.
      • Windows 10 - click the Windows Start button and select your user account then click Sign out
      • Windows 8 - select your user account in the top right and click Sign out
      • Windows 7 and Vista - you may need to click the right arrow before selecting the option to log off
    2. Log back in to Windows as an Admin user.
    3. Open QuickBooks Desktop. 
Terminal Services Users (QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions only):

If the error occurs while you are updating QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release through a Remote Desktop Connection (via Terminal Services, Citrix) you can resolve the issue by going to the remote server and log into it locally with the same username that you used to log in to the server remotely.  Once you are logged into the server locally, open QuickBooks Desktop and then close it. You can now log in to the server remotely and QuickBooks Desktop will open successfully.

KB ID# SLN41553
4/24/2017 6:11:54 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS03 9138 Pro 2017 6f0b70