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Error 1304: Error writing to file [file name]. Verify that you have access to that directory

When installing or updating QuickBooks Desktop, the following error occurs:

[Error 1304] Error writing to file [file name]. Verify that you have access to that directory.

Why this is happening

This error can be caused by an issue with the CD or the CD drive. It may also be caused by a damaged .NET component.

How to fix it
The troubleshooting steps described on this artcile are focused to windows operating system and its components. These are not Intuit products and we recommend that if you are not comfortable on doing these steps your own, conult your computer's manufacturer or a Windows expert. if the issue persist after following these steps, contact your computer manufacturer, Microsoft or IT person.

Solution 1:
Download and run the QuickBooks Install Tool

Note: If you prefer to resolve this issue manually and you are installing using a CD, go to Solution 2. If you are installing using a Downloaded installer of QuickBooks Desktop, see Repair or reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework.

Solution 2:
Copy the Installation files from the CD to the Hard Drive

  1. Insert the QuickBooks CD into the CD drive. If the installation starts automatically, click Quit.
  2. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it QuickBooks.
  3. Open the File Explorer.
    • Windows 10, 8.1 and 8: Right click the Folder icon on your task bar and choose File Explorer.
    • Windows 7 and Vista: Right click the Windows icon and select Explore.
  4. On the Left Pane, right click to QuickBooks CD and select Explore.
  5. Press and hold the Ctrl key and select QBooks and Third Party folders and a setup.exe file.
  6. Right click the highlighted files and select Copy.
  7. Open the QuickBooks folder that you created on your desktop.
  8. Inside the QuickBooks folder, right click and choose Paste (it might take a few minutes to copy the files from the CD to the QuickBooks Folder).
    Note: If you receive an error while copying the files from the CD, there might be an issue with your CD or CD Drive.
  9. Proceed in installing QuickBooks using the files that you copied from the CD to your Hard Drive.
    1. Open the QuickBooks folder that you created on your Desktop.
    2. Double click setup.exe (or setup if your file extensions are hidden).
    3. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.

Note: You can troubleshoot possible CD and CD drive issues using Microsoft knowledge base article. If you still receive the same error, this may be caused by a damaged .NET component.

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4/30/2017 7:43:23 AM
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